IBPS Clerk Examination Syllabus

IBPS Clerk Examination Syllabus: Before planning to prepare for the Bank exams, a very important prospect for you is to go through the exact syllabus that will help you to devise a clever strategy for the bank exams. As you all know that the IBPS conducts a plethora of examinations for different level posts, the syllabus is a touch different for the different courses. But the core topics or subjects are almost the same. Here are vivid details about the syllabus for different subjects for different IBPS examinations:


English is an integral part in most of the IBPS examinations as it holds a fair share of marks. The main topics for the English include the vocabulary knowledge, sentence formation, synonyms, and antonyms, use of verbs, adjectives, conjunctions and prepositions. Here are the point wise details about the topics that are asked in the examination:

·         Sentence rearrangement

·         Cloze test

·         Error Correction

·         Comprehension

·         Preposition filling

In some examinations, such as the SBI PO, you need to give special emphasis on the English as you will also be required to give a descriptive test on the computer. You must practice essay and business letter writings about the trending economical topics to have a good chance of securing good marks.


The section of Math’s or more commonly the quantitative aptitude is often the one that students finds tough to clear. The major topics include simplification, series, S.I. & C.I., Mixture & allegation, Boat & Stream, Time & Work, Probability, Permutations & Combinations, and Pipes & Cistern. But the most complicated part is the D.I. that requires a lot of practice. Especially in the exams for the higher posts, the D.I. constitutes a major chunk of questions so you need to work really hard on it to secure the cut-off.


In the recent years, the reasoning has changed from marks grossing sections to a difficult one to pass. Although in the pre-examinations and exams for lower level like clerical, it is a touch easier with topics like Rearrangement, Blood relations, Inequality, Syllogisms, Seating Arrangements and low level puzzles. But in the PO mains examination, you can find it tough as there are tough puzzles and seating arrangement accompanied by the logical reasoning sections which is a hard nut to crack. You must have command on at least the puzzles or the Logical reason section to secure good marks in the examination.

General awareness:

While this section can be real easy for some of you while some find it really difficult. But if you are well aquainted with the banking norms, you are not going to find this section tough to crack. If you give a good time to the daily news, you might end up scoring good marks in this section. Here are point wise details of the topic:


·         Banking norms and committees

·         Policy rates of the RBI

·         Latest appointments.

·         Latest Championship winners.

·         Latest Award Winners

·         Latest schemes launched by government

·         Prime minister’s foreign visits

·         Budget related questions


 Computer is also an important part of the bank examinations especially at the clerical level, the significance of the subject is even more as it accounts for 40 marks as opposed to 20 in the PO examinations. Here are point-wise details about the subject:

·         Operating System

·         Input & Output Devices

·         Viruses & Anti-virus

·         Languages

·         Memory

·         MS office

·         Shortcuts

Professional Knowledge:

Professional Knowledge test is conducted only for specialist post in the banks. The syllabus of the subject varies as per the field you have entitled to appear in the examination for. Here is a look at the posts and examinations under the specialist cadre:

·         IT officer

·         Agricultural officer

·         Law Officer

·         HR

·         Marketing